Winter 2019

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give (2018) might be one of the most controversial and polarizing movies of the year, and that’s solely down to its touchy subject matter. During this heated political climate that we live in, many might not give The Hate U Give a proper chance, but it’s good, really good. It has some flaws no doubt, but it does tackle its heavy themes in a logical and great way, especially through exceptional filmmaking and more importantly, through a fantastic cast and acting.

Eating vegan for a week was singularly the most frustrating experience I have had on this campus to date. I love a challenge, but I never would have guessed the sheer amount of animal products I consume in a week. It felt like I couldn’t eat anything and whenever I felt there was no way there were any animal products in my food, I would be proved wrong. This is a pervasive problem and 43% of former vegan/vegetarians cite difficulties with keeping meat and animal- based products out of their diets (Herzog, 2014). The three pivotal things I had difficulties with this week were restaurants, the cafeteria, and hanger.

Intentions of abandonment courses through my blood
Creation worthy of destruction embedded in this love
YOLO was the mantra of my being
“here for a good time not a long time” is the reason for my demise
Maybe if I had the choice I would be wise
Enough not to cause grief from my untimely manifestitation
My false conception gave me an idea of voluntary creation
Indeed, now I have a sense of jealousy 
For the worthy beings
Who understood the planned
Creation is worth

“Audrie and Daisy” is a documentary that tackles the issue of stigma and victim-blaming in sexual assault victims through the example of two young women who were raped by men who were ’friends’ of theirs. This is an disheartening documentary that shows the quickness of the community to discount the victim’s story and to automatically believe the perpetrator, while providing excuses that blame the victim’s actions and appearance. It is important that we find the basis of this thought process and propose a new model of thinking to help ease the pain that sexual assault victims endure following the reporting (or the decision to not report) of a violent act against them.

Sunflowers and Ivory Towers (Slam Poem)

I became a revolutionary the moment I walked out the door

I was wearing a black dress with sunflowers and met every stare

With a “what are you fucking staring for”

Every sideways glance with a lance to the chest

And every sly comment with a comet

Hurtling straight through every bigots breasts

Books and films are the main media sources for most American citizens and have been for decades. Yet over the last few decades a newer and more immersive form of media has appeared in American culture: video games. 150 million Americans play video games, and most are probably familiar with the more popular franchises (“Industry Facts”, n.d.). One of those popular franchises would be the Mario series, a set of games that revolve around a plumber saving a princess from her evil turtle-like kidnapper. The newest installment, Mario Odyssey, follows Mario as he attempts to save Princess Peach from her forced wedding with Bowser. Examining the parts that Peach and Pauline play in the game reveals several traditional gender stereotypes, but also new roles for women within the Mario franchise.

You vote for a racist
You elect a rapist
You choose the one that hates

We decided not to vote
We decided to stay quiet
We decided to allow this to happen

Come together
Come and vote
Come and realize that you're not actually woke
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