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Hello Badgers,

I hope you all have had a wonderful semester and are preparing for a productive and fun summer! This is the last semester I will be serving as PAX editor and will passing down my role to the two new editors, Hana Blalack and Angelika Luc! It's been fun on the Hill, and I'm going to miss you all! Let's go kill it, Class of 2018! It's so amazing that we go to such an incredible college dedicated to social justice inside and outside of the classroom. This edition features all types of work, and I am thrilled with the amount of submissions we have received this year!

Thank you to all of the contributors for your insightful pieces of work and of course, we couldn't do this without Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio! 

Take care everyone!

Your editor,

Olivia Miller

Growing up, we were always taught that a woman main job is to take care of the children at home while men go out to work and provide for their family. In today’s society, things have changed tremendously and there is now more gender equality when it comes to the roles we are supposed to have within our homes and community. We, as children, have been shown at a young age that our mothers are supposed to be more nurturing and provide more personal care to us when we need it.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

The most discouraging feeling is logging onto Facebook to see once favored friends and family applauding the election of Trump with their only words of wisdom saying, “Finally! A president who speaks his mind!”. In the time of Trump, the heavy weight placed upon women, the LGBTQ community, people of color, immigrants, and alliances of these groups only grew heavier. However, what we do need is the alliance of these groups. Younger generations are fighting to protect their lives against loose gun laws and it is scaring these politicians.

Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?

I made this poster for Women's March this year. It was based off of a sign used by the National Women's Party in 1917 when women were pushing for the right to vote. I thought it was a good time to reuse it as women push for recognition of sexual harassment and abuse, equal pay, and a number of other issues including how women of color experience racism on top of sexism.

Disney movies are loved by people of all ages throughout the world and are some of the highest-grossing films in the industry. However, Disney movies began imprinting on our brains since we were children, filling our innocent heads with gender stereotypes and gender roles. Gender stereotypes are shared beliefs about the traits, qualities, and tendencies associated with different sex categories. Some stereotypes women and girls have to face are have to dress in feminine ways and being polite, accommodating and nurturing.

One in every five women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime (Klement 2016). Approximately one half of the population is female and twenty percent of them will experience sexual assault. That is an outstanding number of people who suffer will from something with long-lasting effects. Rape culture perpetuates ideas that lead and attempt to justify to sexual assault. The four major factors promoting rape culture are rape myth acceptance, victim blaming, normalization of sexual violence, and hostile sexism.

If you went to Wells Fargo at noon on March ninth

You were mistaken to think you should fear for your life

You see, the protesters there were within their rights

It’s the bankers and shareholders whom you should fight



The 20-foot banner did boldly confide

To any of the masses willing to hear

Let me tell you why it’s the bank that you should fear


On top of finding out that they open false accounts,

And charge poor people ridiculous amounts,

For Joe Hill and Joan Baez


It was Joe Hill, who never died,
Shot by firing squad for leading strikes.
A man without money, land, or claim
He led us against the Starvation Army brigade.
Songs to the tune of a hymnal prayer
About union scabs and preacher’s long hair.


“I won’t be found dead in Utah, I swear.”

“Don’t mourn, organize!”
They shouted from hilltops
And from factory lines.

The Wobblies wrote ballads
To remember and praise

“All of Western nations have been caught in a lie, the lie of pretended humanism.” This statement took me back to being 19 years old in 1993. I was walking out of a store and I saw an elderly white lady struggling to open a door. I immediately went to assist her, opened the door for her, and asked if I could help her to her vehicle.

James Baldwin’s interpretation of American life in light of the turmoil surrounding civil rights comes at an advantage. Without disregarding the other important struggles of many Blacks, Baldwin’s absence in America allows him to view issues in a more global lens. In the recount of his time and the events surrounding this issue, Baldwin gives viewers every aspect he can of civil rights. Evers, King, and Malcolm X’s approaches to the issues provide various angles, giving a more well-rounded insight in which Baldwin accounts.

Women throughout the world are victims of being overcharged for everyday items and tasks, such as dry cleaning, automobile services, health insurance and deodorant. This mishap is known as “gender pricing,” and it has resulted in women paying more, yet receiving less (Goldman, 2012). Gender pricing should not be a factor in the lives of everyday women, since it is a form of discrimination.

In this maelstrom of a world, an expecting mother can easily be swept away by life’s stressors. Pregnancy is an intricate process that can be adversely affected by many factors. Usually, physical factors tend to dominate the physician’s radar when discussing adverse birth outcomes. Psychological factors, however, can have just as large an impact on the vitality of a fetus, but are often overlooked. The mental health of an expectant mother can be a precursor to adverse outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight. Simply put, Infants born weighing less than 3.31 lbs.

They say everyone has an American Dream.

I ask what do they really mean?

They say it’s that something that’ll make you grind for weeks.

I say “Oh really?!” Because I’ve been working nonstop, with little to no sleep.


Shift after shift, making minimum wage.

Old Testament Knowledge

Check out this YouTube link to see Kameron at the last MOCC Talent Show with "Old Testament Knowledge"

As I sit, anguishing in my broken disguise,

And these men walk amongst me calling me friend,

I know that the peel back of these emaciated barricades

would lead to the utter destruction of my face.


As long as I am here, I:

Will see them break against every aspect of my being.

Will see them berate people like me.

Will know the statistics should I be uncovered.

Will hear the things that, in mixed company, would not be uttered.

Will be called a name that I long burned away;

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