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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

              When I think of compassion, I think of helping people and showing care to those who are in need.  The actual definition of compassion is the empathy of people who are suffering and it is a major factor in how we define love. I would describe myself as a compassionate guy, but I wanted to try new tactics in my normal behavior to show compassion. One of the ideas that I focused on was talking to people that I observed through the year who are really quiet and sit alone. I also attempted to spot people who seemed down and asked if they were okay and needed to talk. The simplest act I tried was doing favors in the cafeteria such as asking if anyone wants more to drink, if they wanted cookies, or if I could take their plates up. There is a student in my building who is always alone and I never see him really talk to anyone. He also sits in the cafeteria alone everyday so I felt bad for him. So on my day of compassion I decided to attempt a conversation with him. His reaction was a little awkward to me because I said, hi to him and he just walked right past me and did not say a word. Then I attempted again and asked if he knew what time the crawfish boil was at and he turned around and actually responded. I tried to engage in more conversation, but he didn’t really seem very social so he turned around and I said, “I’ll see you later bro.”