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Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

The following submission is in response to the following article: and writing prompt: Like Gerald Mitchell, dig deep to identify and explain how you personally can treat people more justly. Describe what treating people fairly and humanely looks like to you. How might your actions make a difference where you live (school and community)? In greater society?

I am a black man. In today’s society as a black man you already start off with 2 strikes against you. Strike 1 is because you are black, which means that people automatically see you in a violent or negative stereotypical way. Strike 2 is because you are a man. Being a man, biologically we are already stereotyped to be more aggressive than women. So, I was always taught that I had to be twice as good and also learn how to be a chameleon who can blend in and articulate his thoughts to any and everybody in order to succeed in life. To be culturally diverse is key.