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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

This paper focuses on gendered stereotypes and how they have shaped the ideals, expectations, and behaviors of men and women. The purpose of the topic is to bring awareness to the oppression these stereotypes have placed on both men and women. These beliefs are taught to children by Social Role Theory, internalized, and reiterated, which only continues the cycle. Young boys and girls are experiencing depression at high rates: boys are experiencing depression linked to suicide and girls are being over diagnosed. Many believe that mothers and fathers are contributing to the problem by performing stereotypical gender roles in the home and workplace.

Nella Larsen’s depiction of Helga Crane in Quicksand (1928), highlights the complexities of racial indeterminacy and the quest for self-realization by persons of mixed ancestry—specifically people of both African and Caucasian descent—in America. The novel is not intended to be representative of every biracial person’s experience, but it is representative of  a racial identity that is often times over looked as a unique race category. Helga, the novel’s heroine, suffers from depression, isolation, and disillusionment throughout the course of her life.