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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

            In John Tirman’s book, The Deaths of Others, he discusses what he deems to be a disturbing trait of American citizens. He goes to great lengths to show a historical context, many examples relevant to today’s political climate, and some of the deeply-rooted reasons for this discussed trait. The problem that Tirman brings to readers through his book is the problem of a cold indifference that dominates the American society in response to the atrocious acts that have taken place in American wars and military interventions. Tirman offers readers the thesis that the general indifference to the atrocities of war is a distinctly American characteristic that has roots in the country’s history and origins. He provides a basis, or argument, for this thesis by providing readers with a history of American atrocities, ways that American indifference has been measured, and finally, reasons for indifference of the American public.