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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

This year, 2016, is an important year for women in politics in the United States. Hillary Clinton has a serious chance at becoming the Democratic Presidential Nominee. This is not the first year Clinton is running, she ran before in 2008 against now President Barack Obama, nor is it the first time that a woman has vied for the presidency, Carly Fiorina was also an option for the Republican Party’s nomination this year but has since dropped out of the race. The Green Party has also had a handful of women presidential candidates. The presidency, however, is not the only office in which women have received the short end of the stick, in the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court, women have never been proportionally represented. The realm of American politics has been dominated by males since the founding fathers in 1776. This lack of participation may likely stem from a society which implicitly tells women that they can’t participate or that they are not good enough to participate in politics on the national level.