Destiny Street

Stories from Destiny Street

I am a young black woman who has always identified as an African American and nothing else since the day I was born. Society has made my ancestors out to be powerless slaves but in actuality they were in fact kings and queens. They were rulers of lands and communities. I belong to The Rock Church and every Wednesday night we discuss heritage and history and where we came from. I learned that I am Gentile. My ancestor were not all slaves, my ancestors were astonishing men and women who aren’t even mentioned in the history books; they were overlook and ridiculed because of the color of their skin. My ancestors were intelligent leaders who had beautiful spirits.  I identify myself as all the above yes some of my ancestors were slaves but that is not my identity; I am a Gentile , I am African American , I am a Christian , I am an Indian and I am a young black women who is still learning every day about herself.