Jaelin Montgomery

Stories from Jaelin Montgomery

Most of my life I didn’t really have that much interest in learning about my past or my heritage. I always lived in the present, thinking about the family that was currently around me. Then my mother started having medical problems when I was in the fourth grade, I realized that I had to stop living in such a black and white world. In her appointments I realized that a lot of our medical history stems the family members of the past. Aside from the medical aspect, I started to get curious about my family’s history in general. I knew that I as an African American female, and I didn’t think more past that. However, after I did some asking around my family, I realized that my great-grandfather on my mother’s side was Caucasian, and on both my dad and mother’s side they had Native American heritage as well. My world that was once black and white, suddenly began to have color.