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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
Today we live in the best of times 
And the worst of times 
We live in an epoch of belief 
Followed by epochs of incredulity 
Incredulity that raised two young boys 
One is Lamar, the other is Amir 
Now this incredulity that is so abundant in society 
Caused Lamar to fall of the wagon that was his piety 
He used to pray daily 
But now he just hopes that he isn't someone's daily prey 
And Amir never believed in God to begin with 
Because how can a child be born into Hell 
When the hands that sinned weren't his

Its the first page of a new journal

Every other page bare to the bones

Like a kind heart after the world

Orders it from the menu

Every other line, space, and margin

The fullest empty vessel

Old Testament Knowledge

Check out this YouTube link to see Kameron at the last MOCC Talent Show with "Old Testament Knowledge"