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Friday, February 28th, 2014

Life. The undeniable beauty of life is seen everywhere. Constantly found in all sorts of people, varying from the simple strangers of our everyday encounters to our beloved family members. Whether found in close locations within even our own homes to all the way across the globe, it is always overpoweringly abundant. Beauty is frequently seen in numerous aspects of life such as art, music, nature, soup kitchens, church retreats etc. the list is infinite. To me, life is a journey and the obstacles we encounter, the people we meet, the experiences we have, and the memories made are all contributing factors to the individual formation of our lives.  The significant moments in life that I will forever reminisce upon are my personal recollections of times in which my limits were pushed beyond previously unattainable goals. One specifically life changing event that I have recently experienced was the March for Life this past January in Washington D.C.. This trip, pilgrimage even, up to Washington D.C. tested my limits, my comfort zone, and opened my eyes in a way in which I will never forget. I attended the March for Life with my fellow badgers from the Students for Life group at Spring Hill College.