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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

To me, compassion is the realization that something is wrong with someone else, or the realization of a need that someone else has, and a want to help that person. During my participation in the day of compassion, I worked to act in this way, a compassionate way, with everyone I came in contact with. The compassionate acts began in the morning while I was getting coffee in Java City. The person in front of me in line was short on badger bucks after they ordered their coffee, so I pitched in and bought their coffee for them. Later that day, a friend asked me if I would wait and have lunch with them after their class so they wouldn’t have to eat alone. Instead of eating lunch when I got out of class, I opted to have a late lunch with her so that she would have company and not have to eat alone. At work that day, one of the secretaries called in sick, leaving the other secretary to have to finish all of the commencement mail outs by the end of the day on her own. I decided to stay late at work that day to help the secretary finish all the packets, so that they would be mailed out by the deadline. When a service group came around to my dorm “dorm storming” I gave them a donation to help their cause.