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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Women in positions of leadership is a topic being discussed more and more as women continue to take on higher positions or roles throughout our society. Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State, Marissa Mayer now Yahoo’s CEO, Oprah Winfrey head of Harpo Studios are several of the powerful elite female leaders of our time. The issue still at hand is that for women the climb to leadership positions that would or could be occupied by a male are still controversial.  In both the Fortune 5oo and Fortune 1000 list of companies women only hold 4.2 percent of the CEO positions on both list. Out of 1.4 million women serving in the military there are only two female four star generals. Ann E. Dunwoody was nominated in 2008 and Janet Wolfenbarger was nominated in 2012 to replaced Dunwoody when she stepped down.