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After reflecting on Kayla DeVault’s essay, “Native and European – How Do I Honor All Parts of Myself?”, I would consider my ethnic identity to be even more complex than hers.  My mom is Chinese (from the Canton Province of China), and my father is European, mixed with English, Scottish, and Mestizo (Spanish and Maya) cultures. Therefore, I am, technically, also a multiracial person.  Reading the introduction to DeVault’s essay, however, made me feel somewhat sad. She describes many of her relatives on her mom’s side cooking together based on a recipe from her grandma on her dad’s side. Although I am also mixed, engaging in various family traditions is not something I have done often.  My father is not the type of person who finds joy in keeping up with traditions/celebrations, and the only one I can remember is my paternal grandfather hosting Christmas lunch at his home. Therefore, I am very grateful for the few, yet meaningful, traditions I have experienced with my mom’s side of the family.