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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

            I dedicated Monday (April 8th) as being my Day of Compassion. I thought it would be an excellent day to be compassionate toward others since it ironically fell on Holocaust Remembrance Day. In my opinion, compassion is noticing the struggles of another person and doing something to help that person. While this would appear to be simple and logical, I believe that our society is lacking compassion these days. Overall, I would consider myself to be a compassionate person. I think that I am observant and empathetic toward the needs of others.

            Every week, I volunteer at the Regional School for the Deaf and Blind as a part of my scholarship requirements with the Foley Center. I have been working with children who are visually impaired for four years now. The children I work with range in grade level (1st-4th), and their needs vary. Most of the children in my class are able to see with the help of glasses, although one of my students is nearly blind. Every Monday, I help students with reading, math, playing games, and anything else the teacher needs my help with.