Raquel Galiano

Stories from Raquel Galiano

Media in the form of pornography is something that people consider taboo to talk about.  It may be because people are uncomfortable with their own bodies, let alone perfectly airbrushed strangers’.  However, the representation of different genders in pornography needs to be talked about.

They say it’s all a cycle,

That I’m lazy, addicted, and worthless.

When I ask for a chance of employment,

I’m countered with a comment mirthless.

I don’t know where I’ll sleep,

Or what I’ll do for meals.

I don’t think they even care

About how being homeless feels.

The chains can’t be broken.


They say that I can’t

Because of my dress.

They prefer John or David

Because women know less.

If I cry, then they say

That I am weaker than them.

Should I just quit