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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


  • Sex- one’s anatomical sex, with which they were born
  • Gender- the perception of one’s sex as a part of society, with which they identify
  • Transgender- people whose gender identity does not align with their anatomical sex


  • In a national study of K-12 student:

○      Children reporting verbal harassment based on gender expression- 55.2%

○      Children reporting physical harassment based on gender expression- 22.7%

○      Children reporting physical assault based on gender expression- 11.4%

  • In a national study of transgender adults, 15% reported leaving school at some point from kindergarten to college because of gender expression-based harassment
  • Not enough statistics have been gathered regarding transgender youth and depression/suicide, but one study found that 45% have seriously considered suicide
  • Recent data has suggested that at least 1 in 500 people are transgender