Monday, January 11th, 2016


She scrubs and scrubs but can't seem to get rid of her filth,

Because no matter what, she will always live with the guilt.

No matter what, it will always be her fault.

But right is right & wrong is wrong, well at least that's what she thought.


Her family was concerned, but for only a few days,

Just enough time to switch up the blame.

"Shouldn't have drank so much, that's what you get"

"Why were you wearing those clothes, which were too promiscuous?"


Her friends were there, but only for a while too,

Months went by & she had no clue,

No clue why her friends didn't send a text or call,

No hey, no how are you, nothing at all.


Her boyfriend laughed in her face and called her a whore,

She was already broken down, but those words destroyed her more.

The one person she thought would be there was gone,

Everyone in her life who she loved had withdrawn.


Worthless, alone, ashamed... she hated herself;

Her confidence had vanished, her self-esteem had left.

Yeah, they did it, they took advantage of that girl;

But that's not all they took... they took her entire world.