Be the Change

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

We are living in a place where the innocent are being dehumanized and slaughtered because of hatred. We are living in a place where the poor and the disabled are being taken advantage of because of their lack of resources. We are living in a place where people are opposed to helping others because of religion. We are living in a world where society wants to take but doesn't have the heart to give. We are living in a selfish world full of selfish people. We need a change.

            We, as a society, need to start treating people with the same respect and dignity we demand in return. There shouldn’t be any discrepancies between how much respect you show a homeless man and how much respect you show your boss; you should treat both equally. Dehumanizing anyone for any reason is unnecessary. You don’t know where they came from or how they got to the place they are at the time you come in contact with them. As Martin Luther King Jr. emphasized in his I Have a Dream speech, we should judge others based on the content of their character and nothing more and nothing less. When people understand and act on this principle, we will be one step closer to a humane society. 

                Although it may seem as if our society is in shambles, we have come a long way. Our ancestors’ blood, sweat, and tears led as a passageway to better human life for those who were being treated unfairly and inhumanely. We have come far, but not far enough. Somehow, we have unconsciously become numb to others' perspectives. Although we may not be consciously contributing to the injustices in our society, we are all a part of the problem. To fix the problem we need to know that there is one. Once society realizes this, we must spread awareness about the injustices going on in our world today.

          By acknowledging the problem, we must know what the problem is. In our case we, society, are the leading cause of injustices. However, by acknowledging the problem, we can come up with a solution. A way to help others gain knowledge is to spread awareness. Protests, rallies, marches, and social media are all good ways to get a message across to others. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X used some of these strategies and now, decades later, we have a black man as the president of the United States. If that doesn’t show you how much awareness can have an impact on an issue, then I don’t know what will.

            Our society may have problems now, but we are working on it. It takes time, but we must never give up on humanity. People may not know about what is going on and some people just don’t care. Some people know about the injustices happening, but some are not aware of the severity of that certain issue. This is why spreading awareness is essential to fixing the problem. Once we accomplish this, we will be one step closer to a better community, a better society, a better home.