Breaking Chains

They say it’s all a cycle,

That I’m lazy, addicted, and worthless.

When I ask for a chance of employment,

I’m countered with a comment mirthless.

I don’t know where I’ll sleep,

Or what I’ll do for meals.

I don’t think they even care

About how being homeless feels.

The chains can’t be broken.


They say that I can’t

Because of my dress.

They prefer John or David

Because women know less.

If I cry, then they say

That I am weaker than them.

Should I just quit

Because I’m not valued like him?

The chains can’t be broken.


They say that I’m trouble,

A gangster or thug.

They think I’m peddling

Some type of drug.

I walk down the street.

Will I be shot or arrested?

Because I am brown,

For some reason I’m detested.

The chains can’t be broken.


They say that I’m damaged,

Something is wrong with my head,

I must be a pervert,

My kind should not wed.

I sit with my girlfriend.

No, we’re not sisters.

I feel unwelcomed,

Ever since I have kissed her.

The chains can’t be broken.


Together we shall stand,

And together we shall fight.

The world will hear our voices,

And realize what is right.

We will not be tied down,

We will not be soft-spoken.

It is our time for freedom,

For the chains have now been broken.