Compassion in Competition

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Compassion is something that can be defined in many ways, and may differ depending on the person or the environment that they are in. If someone is brought up in a compassionate home and is constantly shown love and care, then they might be more likely to show compassion as they grow older. I was lucky enough to have very compassionate parents who taught me how to care and be compassionate to everyone no matter what.

            Exercising compassion is a challenge that I did not realize was so hard to do. There are many parts of my day that I had to be very cautious of as I tried to complete this task. I’m a pretty good morning person, and I usually wake up in a good mood. That wasn’t an issue at all. It wasn’t hard for me to be nice to my roommates, help people with their problems, or even do things that I did not want to do. No. The problems arose in the smallest of things that I would not have imagined.

            The hardest part for me was acting compassionately during my sports competition. Competition and compassion just don’t seem to compliment each other very well. Since I play softball and the game is 90% mental, I frequently get upset with myself when I do not perform to my potential. In response to my frustration,  I usually have a short fuse with other players and even the coaches. It was extremely hard for me to keep calm and collected when I struck out or when I wasn’t happy with the way that I was playing. It was difficult to do, but I really loved the challenge and the way that I approached the situations.

            Many people on the team always get upset when they aren’t playing well, and this does not exclude me by any means. I don’t think my actions were very noticeable to anyone, but I did feel a huge difference in the way that I played. Not only did I feel better about myself when I stayed calm and collected, but my game improved a lot as well. I wasn’t as worried about what happened at the previous at-bat, and I was ready to take on the next one. It was a good feeling to know that I didn’t have to be upset and stress over the little things.

            Being compassionate is something that comes easy to me, because I love being nice to people and going out of my way to make them happy. It is easier to be nice to someone than to be mean, and I truly believe that. It is not a challenge at all for me to sacrifice my time or convenience to help a friend or even someone that I barely even know.

            I loved my day of compassion. It was a big eye opener and was something I really had to focus on. I like the person that I was during my two games, and I think it definitely had a huge impact on the outcome of my performance. I know for a fact that I can change my everyday attitude to the compassionate, calm, and collected person that I was. It will help me in more ways than one, and I cannot wait to see the many ways that it affects my everyday life.