Day of Compassion

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The way I personally defined compassion during my day of compassion was like wearing a pair of glasses that could see beyond what meets the natural eye and see into the second layer of people and actions throughout the day. It was being about to go the extra step to show humility and humbleness towards someone who I may not even acknowledge day to day. The main people that I extended compassion to the most were my two suitemates because I have a class with them, eat with them, and live with them. Therefore I see them the most and the two of them defiantly knew I was acting strange but they seemed elated by my extra efforts of compassion. Just as they were happy with whom I was being that day, I was too enjoying the extra compassionate Katie as well. I really am a very compassionate person to begin with but I believe that people get used to it. In a way people get immune to your personality and the naturally compassionate people are over looked for their actions because people are used to them being ‘nice’ people and come to expect that from them. It’s not until one becomes extra nice in an unusual way that others take note and I enjoyed people enjoying me going out of my way for them.

            The day of true commitment to compassion gave me a blissful euphoric high of happiness but it was also very stressful, time consuming, and exhausting. To constantly stay alert, stay positive, and continuously smile and lend a helping had exhausted me mentally. I believe the benefits do out way the costs however I do know to be twenty four seven aware and compassionate is not realistic and in most cases with most people unattainable. The reactions from those whose life I touched during my day of compassion have since greeted me with a smile or at least kept their head up as we passed. Some of these individuals I have never had a conversation with but because I was compassionate and went out of my way to hold a door or smile they now are a familiar ‘stranger’ I can greet on the street. This day has changed me as a person but whether or not it will still have changed me in a month is something I am unsure of. Life is chaotic and so fast pace that compassion is often lacked; not by choice but unconsciously. I do think that when I commit in the morning to be compassionate it does happen, therefore in a month if I were to wake up and tell myself that during the day I am going to extend an extra hand of compassion then I believe I would be successful. This day of compassion will influence further days and make it easier to have the compassion glasses on.