Descendant of Royalty

I am a young black woman who has always identified as an African American and nothing else since the day I was born. Society has made my ancestors out to be powerless slaves but in actuality they were in fact kings and queens. They were rulers of lands and communities. I belong to The Rock Church and every Wednesday night we discuss heritage and history and where we came from. I learned that I am Gentile. My ancestor were not all slaves, my ancestors were astonishing men and women who aren’t even mentioned in the history books; they were overlook and ridiculed because of the color of their skin. My ancestors were intelligent leaders who had beautiful spirits.  I identify myself as all the above yes some of my ancestors were slaves but that is not my identity; I am a Gentile , I am African American , I am a Christian , I am an Indian and I am a young black women who is still learning every day about herself.

I did not always know who my ancestors were and the moment I read about Kayla DeVault’s story I decided I needed to know who they were. I am not as connected as I would like to be with my heritage so I took the 23 and me test where they give you a percent of who you are in a pie graph and I was overjoyed by the results. Learning I was a percent of Indian and Choctaw really amazed me of how diverse and cultural my people were. I absolutely love what all I have learned so far and I cannot wait to visit my ancestor’s homes. DeVault stated, “It doesn’t matter how many pieces make up my whole; rather, it’s my relationship with those pieces that matters—and that I must maintain. Simply saying “I am this” isn’t enough. To truly honor my heritage, I found I must understand and participate in it.” So from here on out I plan on going to the birthplace of my ancestors which are Africa , Jerusalem, Ethiopia , Ghana and etc.,,  I plan on taking these trips yearly. Ms. DeVault also explained how she grew up in all these different cultures and was happy and proud , I can honestly say I want that for myself, I want to be proud of who I am and honor my ancestors by letting the culture live on through me. I believe learning about my ancestors will give me a sense of confidence in who I am as a person and will definitely get me a step closer in figuring out my identity.

Much like DeVault, if I ever got the opportunity I would love to visit the places of my ancestors, I love to learn new things about myself. I know a little about my identity but I am still young. I am still learning and figuring out life so yes I would absolutely love to be able explore and travel and experience new things in life.DeVault made a powerful statement , “I am entitled to my multiple heritages, and I’m beginning to embrace all the corners of the world my ancestors came from, every woman before me who lived, ate, and gave birth. ” Life is short and I do not plan on living a life where I don’t even know who I am as a person. I believe it is very important for a person to know themselves because you cannot fully love yourself until you find out who you are in a world without your family or friends telling you who you are supposed to be. I plan on exploring every aspect of my heritage I possibly can and embracing life in the process.