To everyone whom it concerns...

Addressed from a millennial to the generation for change

The most discouraging feeling is logging onto Facebook to see once favored friends and family applauding the election of Trump with their only words of wisdom saying, “Finally! A president who speaks his mind!”. In the time of Trump, the heavy weight placed upon women, the LGBTQ community, people of color, immigrants, and alliances of these groups only grew heavier. However, what we do need is the alliance of these groups. Younger generations are fighting to protect their lives against loose gun laws and it is scaring these politicians. What I hope for the future of the United States is that we all have a voice. The older more conservative generations are looking down on teenagers, calling them “privileged” and “stupid” based off nothing other than Facebook posts posted by like-minded people. I hope that everyone is accepted, no matter the age, color of skin, love interest, religion, or background. America was founded not on one set religion but those fleeing from prosecution. It is unfortunate that the once “equal opportunity” founded country is almost exactly opposite. As a millennial, I look at fellow millennials and Generation X and see that another revolution is transpiring. I look back at the 1960’s and envy the subculture and rebellion that the younger generations were involved in but I am seeing it again today. This is why I am glad for this chance to right to PAX and have a voice like those marching everyday. I hope no politician or parent will succeed in silencing the younger people from changing how the United States should be. I hope that everyone will be successful in bringing more love than hate into each home. If laws could be changed in the 1960s and 70s then it should work in the 21st century, right? I have participated in a NAACP protest against the electing of Jeff Sessions and on that day, surrounded by all types of people, I felt love and compassion and a connection with every single person present to make a change. That’s how everyone should feel in this country. Everyone should feel accepted no matter who they are. For the first time, I felt a connection with my community and was proud I was able to participate freely. In a time when the president can block users on Twitter for expressing their thoughts to him, then we need to make our voices louder. This generation of high school students are roaring loud enough that the White House is shaking and I can only proudly stand in alliance. I encourage everyone to participate in an act that enhances their voice. Nothing is as powering as the Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, protests for Gun Control, and LGBTQ activism. The politicians against these organizations cannot avoid these problems anymore and will take note of the wrongdoings in the court system and in politics. I believe that with these actions and further actions will help with the change we need. The United States will be a safe place for anyone considered different than the current preferred norm in today’s political office. I cannot solely bash those in office but rather the system that got them in that position. The system still favors much of the old one where each state doesn’t want votes from certain minorities and are making it harder for them to cast their vote. Another problem is the use of the word, “minorities.” This gives a negative connotation to those that aren’t considered Caucasian, straight males. This brings up the topic for the border, which should not be for discussion as the United States is supposed to be a refuge for those persecuted in their own country. A lot of what is wrong is lack of understanding for immigrants and a self-absorbed outlook for communities that believe that their town of 100 people will suffer if refugees come in. This why I hope you, the generation reading this, will see the good you’re doing and not give up because of those who cannot understand that you are changing American into what it should be, free and safe for all.

-Hopeful for Change