Gender-Bender Reflection

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

During our psychology of gender class, having to dress up the opposite of how I usually dress was very interesting. Because I scored so high on masculinity, femininity, and androgyny, I decided that I would dress up extremely feminine because how I usually dress to class includes leggings and a big t-shirt with a sweatshirt. So for class I decided to wear a dress with black booties, and a standout necklace. When walking out of my room I was nervous, I never dress like this for class so it was definitely an adjustment for not only me but for people around me. I went to the caf for breakfast and immediately got whistled at by someone which really embarrassed me. Having my friends cheer my name and telling me how good I looked made me feel even more uncomfortable. When I arrived to my gender class and having Dr. J tell us we were walking around campus, I was nervous about that as well. I hate walking around in a dress let alone the shoes I was wearing was not something I was looking forward too. Walking around campus was awkward but what was weirder for me was that it was almost expected of me to wear clothes like that and to dress up every day like that based on what others were saying to me. Even my class after my gender class, people were telling me I looked beautiful. It frustrated me because I had to dress like that for people to notice what I was wearing and to get compliments from mostly men. When I got home I immediately took it all off and got back into my leggings and tennis shoes. Overall, the attention that I got on Thursday when I dressed up extremely feminine was eye opening. The reactions from others about the way that I dressed was uncomfortable yet expected. And I hated dressing up to class because I don’t like dressing super girly to class because that is not who I am.