Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
  • People benefiting from gender neutral bathrooms include: Those nonconforming to their assigned gender, parents and caregivers whose children are a different gender from them, those with caregivers that are a different gender from them.
  • When creating a gender-neutral bathroom, it is important to educate others why they are important and address concerns they may have.




There is no difference between a Gender Neutral Bathroom and a Co-Ed bathroom.


A co-ed bathroom acknowledges only male and female whereas a Gender Neutral Bathroom acknowledges the reality of multiple gender identities.



Assault and harassment is a more common occurrence in Gender Neutral Bathrooms.


Assaulters and harassers are not stopped by signs and will assault/harass regardless of whether or not a bathroom is gendered. Trans people actually risk MORE assault and harassment within gendered bathrooms than cisgender people.


Gender-neutral bathrooms are at risk for being completely removed.


Everyone needs access to a bathroom where they can feel safe. Gender identity and expression is built into and protected under Vassar’s non-discrimination policy.