Human Nature

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Human Nature


Faith in itself has been lost

Greed and envy have come to replace

The world has been covered in a great arctic frost

that proceeds to eradicate; erase


Erase the truth of it all-

The indefinite reason why we all exist

Arrogance will be our greatest fall,

out of all the stumbles upon the grand list


We have become blind.

We see our earth as just material.

But to save it and all of mankind

We must remember him, the Imperial.


He made us; he made this earth.

Thus he could just as easily take it away.

But no, somehow He sees our worth.

And looks past our selfish way.


But even He cannot help what is coming.

We shall see what we have brought forth.

The thought of it is unbearably numbly,

chills from the vast, barren north.


For what destroys us most is not time,

Nor insufficiency, nor grime.

You see the answer is one sublime.

The answer is us. “The Prime”