Is It Just a Beauty Pageant Answer?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

World peace is a far-fetched idea in today’s world.


Easy to say, hard to do.


But why can’t we work toward something that sounds good to me and you.


The question, though, is…What CAN we do…to make this world a peaceful one?


And to that, I say, erase from your brain the image of a knife, sword, or gun.


But not just that, we must also grab our No. 2 pencil.


And erase away all the other things that make evil a potential.


Rather, we must focus on things essential.


Things like faith, food, and family --- things residential.


The most important way to find world peace is to start with your life.


For married women, start with your husband. For married men, look at your wife.


How can you love your children if you do not first love your spouse?


Because every act of peace in this world is learned in one’s house.


My point, here, is family. Everything starts there.


Try it, if you dare.


And while it is “easy to say, hard to do,”


World peace does sound so good to me and you.


So, let us start working towards this moment’s spur,


And stop making “world peace” just a beauty pageant answer.