Making Assumptions

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Yes, I lied.  You caught me.
I lied to you when I asked you for money on the street today.
I lied when I told you I had to pay eight dollars to stay at the homeless shelter.
And yes, I lied when I said that I came to this city a month ago.
And yes, I lied when I told you that I have a steady job during the day. 

But you know what I’ve never lied about?

That I have two kids that never get enough food to eat.
That I have been raped multiple times by multiple people. 
That I am afraid of the father of my son; so afraid that I feel paranoid going outside - even Looking for a job because of the images that flood my brain.
Repeated beatings, my skin raw to the bone and bleeding.
Explaining black eyes to my friends,
Hiding in the bathroom when he comes home.
Being thrust on a bed and violently entered without a word asking how I felt about the matter.

So yes, I lied.  I did. 
But who are you to judge me.
I have been poor since the day I was born.
However, I know I do not know your struggles in life, and I don’t pretend to. 
So maybe you could do the same for me and not treat me like complete trash when I ask you for a Couple of dollars. 
But I guess it’s too late now,
Because I lied.