Michael Richard: Spoken Word

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Let's split it,

and I ain't talkin bout a ticket,

they throwing pickets in Baltimore,

division has got em in a roar.

And casually allured

the casualties which alarmed

such a comfortable and complacent

place like ours.

We white folks could probably position our positional privilege

 into such a project that it may in fact benefit the projects.

But no, our religions stops at "don't have sex".

 But often fail to think about what happens next.

Didn't Jesus say if we love Him, we would our neighbor.

But what if our neighbor is a raper?

Or if she's thin as paper and we just hate her,

(Oh May Jesus save her),

instead of going against our nature

we respond with anger

and after some passive aggressive behavior,

what do we do then?

Probably just judge em for their sin.

But you got a black dude who moves in,

the whole white community throws up they hands and they like who let Tyrone in!?

Like a brother gets thrown a bone and then gets boned

by the basic bitches in the white community,

in flight to preserve their status and unity.

Oh the futility.