My Only Question

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Everyday I am taught to be practical, skeptical

Scientific processes teaching me to me methodical

No pleasure reading everything’s got to be analytical

No room for you here if what you’re saying isn't logical

People pulling the tight rope of my beliefs because what im feeling is paradoxical

because you say its an obstacle, not probable, impossible

but they say its simply biological, anatomical, not optional

but what I’m actually feeling is just too confusing to make audible

the answer just doesn’t exist its theological insoluble

I've got to decide for myself if it's phenomenal or diabolical

So please trust me I’m responsible

Don’t keep forcing me to be mechanical

Because what I’m feeling is unsolvable

Don't try because it ain’t nominal

I think it can be magical

It's helping me be ideological

This letting go is almost comical

And it's making me unstoppable


I know there's something there


The explanation of the word

Of the noun

Of the verb

Of what religion is

Is a

Template that I was never given

A story that is constantly written

In the textbooks of us children,

So that we can be forgiven.

But as I pray each day, eyes closed,

I open one and look at those

Who are around me, and I wonder

What they believe because

I do not but

I don't tell because

Our God is an awesome God but

If he is so awesome why

Does he not communicate with me in my

Times of need and my

Visions of greed to say 

"I love you my child everything will be alright"

Instead I hear the bumps in the night.

Matthew 14:31 

Grasp my hand and ask me why I doubt?

I may grasp the hand and shout


Since right now I can't tell you what's real

But I may not take your hand

And explain to you that the children that I see

Eyes closed around me 

Look picturesque as I 

Sit alone 

Hollow in my own mind



I know there's something there


 Because our minds are a mess of


trash and




But we don't know how to discern because no one can give us the measures


We doubt what is faith but we know our hearts are starving

and we don’t know if letting go is helping or is harming


And the smile in the face of the stranger on the street

Seems to be pushing ours and His roads meet


With the whistle in the wind and spill of paint across the sky

We know in the beauty there’s something there but we cant help but ask




Why do people our age die in each other's arms

no music through their ears only the beat of the alarm


Blood spilling through their fingers

Kitchen knives becoming stingers


Not joy only hatred in the air

They claim they can see but do they really care


It seems their more focused on denying humans true love

then actually listening to the words sent directly from above


Don't you see love wins why are you focusing on the hate?

1 Peter 4:8


Above all, love each other deeply,


Both:  because love covers over a multitude of sins.


(pause breathe)


Snap out of it and listen


because love always wins


So our faith seems hypocritical

When the Church becomes too political


And we want to believe we want to have faith

Because we see these holy people and we want to relate


So we try to look past the duplicitous discrimination

The temptation, damnation, and frustration


And focus in on  the beauty of salvation

The miracle of creation

And the sensation of admiration


Because letting go seems so appealing

            If we could just first trust what we are feeling


We can't be sure just where we lean

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew or in between


But we do know we believe in love

And that we the people of the world are all from above


We've got no one telling

just what it is that’s so compelling


But we know there is something there


Our only question is