Spreading Spring Hill's Message

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Spring Hill College’s mission statement states: “Forming leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice, and service for life.” I take pride in going to my community service area every week. It gives me a sense of joy and happiness to know that I am helping others and influencing them in a positive way. I tutor at Wilmer Hall, which is a children’s group home. When I go in I am assigned to a specific student whether it may be for that week or month, it depends on the needs of the student. He or she may be struggling in a specific area,such as science, and my job is to make sure when they come in from school that they have their homework done as well as extra studying and preparation for upcoming tests! One young lady who attends Dunbar magnet school is exceptionally bright. Every time I arrive she insists that I be her tutor. Her math grade was not as high as some of her other subjects but, I helped her with her homework and studying and at the end of her first quarter she had a B+ in the math class! When I arrive I instantly feel welcomed and needed. There are many kids there who have so much potential and who are very intelligent. Sometimes we as humans need someone in our corner helping us to do better.It is a wonderful feeling knowing that to one or some of these kids,I am that person. Community service is not just to receive credit hours from SHC, but it is an experience that may change your outlook and way of thinking about certain situations. A lot of us have so much to be thankful for. A lot of us have parents or guardians in our corner and some of those kids do not.It gives me great pleasure when I come in and see that their grades are improving. It lets me know that I am making a difference!