Spring 2015 Edition

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Hello PAX Readers!

Summer is finally in bloom and as the end of May approaches I know many of you (as am I) will be partaking in various Memorial Day celebrations and festivities. Personally, I do not believe that enough individuals in America understand the weight and significance of Memorial Day. I know that in the past, even I myself have often times let the day pass without giving it much thought. 

 I once met a girl who had recently moved to the United States from South Africa. When I asked her what the biggest difference between America and South Africa was she responded, “Freedom and safety. I am not afraid to walk out of my house here, and that is the best feeling I have ever experienced.”

With the expeditious growth of social media, I know you all have seen tear-jerking “homecoming” videos of our courageous soldiers strewn across sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This Memorial Day, while you are out and about, take a moment to remember all of our veterans throughout history who did not get the chance to receive a homecoming. Take a moment, to appreciate the fact that because of their service to this country, you are able to walk out of your house and not be afraid. Take a moment, and grasp on to the true meaning of Memorial Day and those who have died honoring our country for your freedom. 

I hope you enjoy the most recent additions to PAX along with the rest of your Summer!



CaraJean Robertson