Spring 2016 Edition

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Hi PAX people!

As this semester comes to a close it only seems natural to reflect on the year and the lessons we all have learned along the way. I personally feel so lucky to have been even partially involved in PAX during my senior year on The Hill. This magazine has opened countless doors to the introspective aspects of my experience of social justice, globally, and even more so through Spring Hill College.

We are given such incredible opportunities as students at this institution to take on social injustices and make changes. We are surrounded by so many injustices and inequalities, locally and globally, that demand our attention and crave our assistance. I have seen through the faculty and the students how well Spring Hill equips us for this challenge. The Jesuit ideals supply us with the knowledge to see the injustices, hand us the tools to take up the calling, then motivate us to take action.

These PAX writings have inspired me to find and pursue my passions using every tool this education has given me. I hope and know they will do the same for you.

Thank you to all the talented and brilliant people who submitted their beautiful works, and thank you to Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio for all the hard work she does for PAX, and for all those that cross her path. 

Abby Coakley, PAX Editor