Students for Life

Letter: Call to Action by Kirsten Thorn and Nicolle Lanson
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

To whom it may concern,

Did you know Spring Hill College has a Students for Life organization on campus? It is possible that you haven’t due to the organization’s inactive state. Students for Life is not exclusive to Spring Hill, it is a nationwide organization that is devoted and committed to raising awareness for the abolition of abortion. People from all around the country can relate to each other because of their support for this cause. Every campus’ Students for Life organization is unique, but they all have one thing in common; they are providing a voice for the voiceless.

Let me begin by saying that the intent of this letter is not to attack the pro-choice agenda or the supporters of that agenda. Rather, the goal is to appeal to young pro-life activists to not only be more active, but to become active in more creative and effective ways. The current inactive status of Students for Life is a problem that should be fixed for the good that can come out of this organization for the community.

As an individual, one can accomplish much, but the individual can never compete with the power of the collective. Spring Hill College should reactivate Students for Life because there is so much that can be accomplished by working as a group. After speaking to other collegiate groups, it is clear that pro-life supporters at Spring Hill College are not doing enough to support this issue. The President of Students for Life at Louisiana State University said that they are “. . . focusing on making LSU pregnancy and parenting friendly. We host diaper drives, clothing drives, and other things” (Cisco Gonzales). Likewise, the organization at University of Louisiana - Lafayette “ . . . achieved [the] goal of putting baby changing stations in our new union’s restrooms” (Allie Casey). As a student at Spring Hill College, we are taught to devote ourselves to serving others. As Christians, we are told to not worry about the speck in our brother’s eye when we have a log in our own. So when one protests for the pro-life cause, why would a person attack the mothers who have to deal with the emotional pain that accompanies abortion, or if she decides to not have an abortion, raising a child (often) by herself? Many mothers choose to have an abortion because they know they will never be able to provide for their child in the way that they want. To address this root issue of abortion, let us focus our energy in ways that help create a friendlier and accepting environment to these mothers who may be feeling scared, hurt, or lost.  

Being involved in Students for Life could be the perfect opportunity for us to serve not only in our immediate Spring Hill College community, but also the greater Mobile community. We could use these wonderful ideas of hosting diaper drives or baby showers to give assistance to those who need it. This way, we can reach out to more of a local community instead of tackling an overwhelming global issue. What I mean by this is instead of saving money for travel to participate in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. we can use those expenses to help the Mobile area by implementing change in our own area.

These are the many reasons why Spring Hill College needs to reactivate their Students for Life organization. As a Catholic college, there are so many opportunities that we have available to us to help student mothers. There are also many resources available in our Mobile community. Here are some resources for single mothers be found together at www.single By following this link,, one can find the resources specifically avalible in the Mobile community. Some of the resources found on this site include the WIC office, low income housing, halfway houses, and free clinics.

Spring Hill College has the opportunity to make a difference in young students lives, and we urge everyone to take it. If we all got involved in this protest for helping student mothers, we could really make a difference. We have the opportunity to save women from emotional distress, save a family, and most importantly, save innocent lives.  


Pro-Life Activists

Nicolle Lanson and Kirsten Thorn

Spring Hill College