The Times

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
Today we live in the best of times 
And the worst of times 
We live in an epoch of belief 
Followed by epochs of incredulity 
Incredulity that raised two young boys 
One is Lamar, the other is Amir 
Now this incredulity that is so abundant in society 
Caused Lamar to fall of the wagon that was his piety 
He used to pray daily 
But now he just hopes that he isn't someone's daily prey 
And Amir never believed in God to begin with 
Because how can a child be born into Hell 
When the hands that sinned weren't his 

This is an age of wisdom 
This is an age of foolishness 
And they say that wisdom comes from old age 
And old age comes from experiences 
But Amir wants to know how young can you die of old age 
Because he's experienced hails of gunfire and torrential bullet rains 
And he thinks that, that is enough 
He thinks that is enough to make him want to 
Grow old and die already 
Or to Grow old and blind already 
Or Grow old and lose his mind already 
Because he's already lost his innocence 
And Lamar would share this sentiment 
But he never had any innocence to begin with 
Because war struck him from the womb 
He opened his eyes for the first time and saw people who were ready for their tombs 
From their wounds 
With his innocence dying with them 
So from the moment he was born, he was old 
But Benjamin Button had nothing on him because 
When Button was born his heart was warm but 
Lamar...Lamar's was cold 
The heat sucked out by all the people he had to watch die 
All before he knew what it meant to truly be alive 

This is the season of Light 
This is the season of Darkness 
The beauty of light only means as much 
When you know how it feels to be wrapped in Darkness 
While blanketed in Darkness Lamar found his Light 
His family 
His brothers 
His merry band of nearly men 
With whom he shared his soul 
With whom he shared his hopes 
With whom he shared his dreams 
Dreams he only shared with them 
Because they knew his grief 
They knew that life gave no relief 
So you must struggle for every inch of reprieve 
Lamar loved his brothers 
Lamar loved his colors 
A love that Amir knew well 
He himself being Baptized in his colors 
As he traversed his own Hell 
Looking to them for comfort 
And looking to those who wore them 
As fathers,mothers, sisters, and brothers 
As family 
As the only family he's every truly known 
Not the only family that he's ever loved 
But the only family that's ever loved him back 
They gave him purpose 
They have him meaning 
They gave him a new life 
But they also gave him death 
And now Amir is lying on the ground 
Blood trickling from his mouth 
Tears cascading from his eyes 
His heart broken, as he slowly but surely dies 
Having learned that the worst thing about betrayal is that 
It never comes from you enemies 
A concept that Lamar knows too well 
As he himself stares at his reflection in a pool of his own blood 
As he looks around and realizes how much he was actually loved 
And as they both lay dying 
They smile 
They smile at the fact that 
It is a far far better rest that they go to than they have ever known 

Today we live in the best of times 
And the worst of times 
One of those boys is a child soldier in Africa 
The other lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in one of the biggest cities in America 
Can you tell me which is which?
If not then isn't that just a sign of the times