We are One

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
We are One

I suppose what it all comes down to is this:

We are universal.

We are one in the same.

We smile once -- and then know no translator could cross any language barrier like that.

We turn casual conversation into song, we sing proudly to our flag, we belt out pop songs in our kitchen -- not caring if our backyard neighbors hear.

We hide our face and shy away from questions or we raise our hands and jump to speak.

We share stories, we listen to stories, and we say our favorite -- with confidence -- is Cinderella.

We hold our hands under pregnant bellies or around babies on our hips -- forming a connection to all mothers.

We frame our proudest moments -- not of us but of the ones we love -- on our walls.

We cling to the legs of our parents, to the arms of our loved ones, to the hearts of each other, when we are scared.

We find joy in a ball on a street, a deck of cards on a porch, or a dusty field with makeshift bases -- as long as we are not alone.

We sit around a table and share food -- knowing peace between all is made.

We work. We pray.

We cry. We dance.

We are human.