Winter 2014 Edition

Message from the Editor
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Hello PAX Readers!

I hope you enjoy this issue as you prepare for Spring Break (even though it's still winter) and that you can engage with social justice issues on your vacations.  Whether you're on an Immersion trip abroad or catching beads at a Mardi Gras parade, you can make an impact just by increasing your own awareness of issues around you.  

I'm always a little sad when the Olympics end.  Even when I'm not invested in the sporting events, I love hearing examples of national pride and universal solidarity.  I was particularly interested in Sochi because of all the speculation and press surrounding Russia's anti-gay laws. Though the athletes were awe-inspiring, my favorite part of the Winter Games was seeing spectators, commentators and athletes show defiance of Russian laws without disrupting the peace. They proved that indirect impact can be just as empowering and revolutionary.  We can always choose to do something when we see injustice in practice.  

Thank you to our contributors and to Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio for her assistance with this issue and everything else she does. 

Aislinn Shevlin