Winter 2016 Edition

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Hello PAX Readers!

I hope everyone is off to a great semester, along with a great 2016. This past New Year, I had a multitude of wishes. I had so many wishes that it would be nearly impossible to list each and every one. However, above everything, my most important wish was for everyone in this world to find a little more peace. May we as a society stop feeding into and creating the bad news and negativity in this world and may we as individuals find more peace within ourselves during a time when anxiety, depression, and so much more plague so many of us. Perhaps the first step to happiness for many is simply to find a little peace in life, with a situation, with the world or within oneself.

So many events infected the world this past year: the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the Nepal Earthquake, and the Charleston Church shooting. Nevertheless, despite these terrible events there were also numerous positive occurrences: Supreme Court decision for marriage equality, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her legacy, Target announced the end of gender-labeling its toys, and New Horizons spacecraft gave the world the clearest views of Pluto we’d ever seen. We need to remember that with all the bad, there is still so much good. To some, the New Year (or this new semester) was just another day. To others, it was a page-turn to a new chapter someone so desperately wanted to write. Whatever it may have been for you, I hope above all that you PAX readers find a comforting sense of living peace in 2016.

I would like to thank Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio for all her help with this edition along with all of those who contributed!

Peace and Love,

CaraJean Robertson